On June 3 2014 film recordings took place in the surf village. This in fashion of the tried and tested Roots2Share-formula. Just as in East-Greenland the photo’s where spread out on the table. In this case about fifty photo’s of F.A.S.T. from the period 2009-2014. Around the table, eight people who have build the village to what it is today. With the visual input of the photo’s special memories came back. Every one of them chose a favorite and a special place to him or her in the village. There they shared their personal story with us and the filmcamera. Their stories founded the basis of the short documentary ‘F.A.S.T. Surfdorp. Waar de planten nep zijn, maar de mensen echt.’

During the spectacular This is Summer-festival on Saturday July 19 2014 a sneak preview was shown of the film.

Camera and regie | Jeroen Toirkens
Interviews and sound | Diederik Veerman, Museon
Sound-assistent and photography ‘making of’ | Wibe Koopman