Roots2Share is about sharing photographs and stories. Photographs of a specific community are shared with its members. Such a community may be a village or a neighbourhood, but also a certain subculture or organization. No matter what type of community it is, its members share a common history. Yet everyone has different memories of the past. One photograph can trigger many unique, personal stories. Roots2Share collects these stories. On an online heritage forum people can post memories next to photographs and comment on other people’s remarks. In this way, a community itself creates a digital history book: a book with many photographs, but above all many authors.


The Roots2Share project was launched in 2010. For the very first time in their lives the inhabitants of Diilerilaaq (East Greenland) were able to look at forty-year-old photographs of their village online and enliven them with their knowledge and stories. As a result of this four-year-old pilot project (2010-2014) many activities and exhibitions were organized both in Greenland as well as in the Netherlands. Today, a photograph-story exhibition is still travelling around Greenland. For more information about this first Roots2Share project, please refer to ‘East Greenland’.

F.A.S.T Scheveningen

Roots2Share has also been active since October 2014 in F.A.S.T. surfers’ village in Scheveningen. It looks like the surfers’ village may soon have to be vacated from its current prime location. This means leaving a site on which F.A.S.T. has turned into a household name not just locally but also further afield. F.A.S.T. is now going to record its village history through Roots2Share. For more information about this project, please refer to ‘F.A.S.T. Scheveningen’.